Hello, we are Plan B. We are a creative studio situated at the intersection of graphic design and everything else.

We are plan B, yours truly. A possible plan, the B side of the disc, another option, another choice to make, one amongst many, or is it? What we do is first and foremost collaborate and then design. We (Baki and Betty) met at the Royal College of Art in 2018. Right at the beginning of our MA we accidentally got paired up for a project and never stopped collaborating after that because it was simply too much fun.

Baki grew up in Germany and is of Pakistani descent and Betty is Belgian. We are both very proud and reflective of our respective cultures and these intersections and differences are a big interest of ours. We think respect and tolerance are primordial and these are the values we approach our work with. We collaborate with a lot of creatives, writers, researchers in various industries and like to maintain a network that fuels lots of interesting ideas and conversations. Our professional experience includes working with clients in the sustainability sector, NGO’s, Cultural sectors, artists and socio-political engaged individuals.

Working with us?
Our ground rules are people who pay and reply on time, we like working efficiently and respectfully. We appreciate people who understand that design is a process that demands consideration and time. We want to work with you, not for you by approaching projects with flexibility and adapting to your needs. It is in our best interest to create an outcome that pushes your brand and project to where you want it to be. We prefer working from the beginning of the conceptualisation right to the end of the delivery. So if you’re interested, drop us an email for a free consultation to discuss your project.

Our free 50 minute consultation would take the form of an informal discussion where we would act as an external graphic design auditor prompting the following key points and questions: