Hello, we are Plan B. This is Are You Series?

Have you ever watched a TV series on a big cinema screen? Surrounded by fellow spectators, eating warm popcorn and reacting to what is happening on each frame in front of you? This is what you can experience at Are you Series? Our brief was to create a visual identity and communication strategy for the festival, which took place at Bozar, centre for fine art. The program was carefully curated and brought forward not only the best of HBO but also platformed many other brilliant international series. The hope was to firstly appeal to both the regular visitors of the cultural institution but more importantly attract series addicts. With the visual identity we wanted to convince them to leave the comfort of their bed and living room and come and enjoy with others.

The conception of the identity was a nod to the addiction and excitement a series can evoke. The centre-point of the identity was to make the visuals pop and create an accessible undertone whilst playing with screen pixels and vibrant colours. Through the use of copy and visual language we wanted to create an identity that closely aligned with the ethos and energy of Bozar.

Time Frame: Strategy and Design (30 days),
Application and Testing (20 days)
Materials: Logo, Poster A2, Rollup, Brochure (french fold accordeon), motion assets
Fonts: Bozar AM
Country: Belgium

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