Hello, we are Plan B. This is an Inventory of Gaps.

An Inventory of Gaps is a collaborative photo book as part of the Royal College of Art’s Future Archive project. Having closely observed the construction of the new RCA building at Battersea over a series of site visits, participants of the project were invited to respond to the site in their practice. An Inventory of Gaps is one such response. The work looks at the ever-shifting nature of construction sites and addresses the misconception that they are simply voids or holding spaces within urban landscapes, by paying close attention to the poetry of the gaps, textures, gestures and visual language contained within.

How we got the client:
Pitched to the Future Archive Team.

Collaborators: Magda Tritto (Co-Designer), Emily Schofield (Identity Design), Rut Blees Luxemburg (Editor), David Bareillo (Photographer), Lucy Holt (Writer)
Time Frame: Two months
Materials: Hard-cover blind embossed
Blind perfect bound
Fonts: NB International
Exhibition: Future Archive 2019
Country: UK

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