Hello, we are Plan B. This is Gamut.

Gamut is a publication that explores the blurry line between two juxtaposing ideas. The first edition of Gamut is dedicated to the debate of Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation. The team behind Gamut invited a wide range of people, from illustrators to graphic designers to ceramists and writers, to contribute to Gamut by sending responses to the topic.

Our role:
The challenge was to create a piece that could be maintained by a relatively small team. In our capacity as editors, content makers, creative directors, and curators we strived not to impose our judgements on the submissions we received. Rather, we wanted to curate a space that represents a broad spectrum of opinions.

Medium: 110 gsm off-white paper
Digital print
Perfect bound
Printer: Evolution Print
Sponsor: Karma Kola, Fourpure Brewing Co.
Fonts: Lora, NB International Pro
Launch: The launch took place at Pentagram on the 27th March, 2019 in conjunction with a panel discussion facilitating the original debate of Cultural Appropriation vs Appreciation, the panel was hosted by Adrian Shaughnessy and included various guests as panel members.
Country: UK

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