Hello, we are Plan B. This is Intersection Reconnection

As part of the RCA’s Black History Month celebrations, the Students' Union invited the public to an exhibition: an interactive narrative exploring blackness, the children of the diaspora and intersections in our community, particularly as they relate to London's LGBTQ+ community. We collaborated with artist Catherine Mondoa, curator of the ‘Intersection Reconnection Exhibition’ to create communication around the event and for the exhibition.

Our approach:
We attempted to free ourselves of the rules of 'good' Graphic Design. The tone was of celebration and playfulness, inviting everyone to engage.

Collaborators: Catherine Mondoa
Time Frame: 6 days
Materials: Movable walls (2.8m(h)x2m(w), 2.45m(h)x2m(w))
Posters (A3)
Fonts: Bicyclette, Circular Pro
Exhibition: Intersection Reconnection
Country: UK

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