Hello, we are Plan B. This is Makesenz.

Makesenz is a belgian ‘slow cosmetic’ brand. The brief was to rework the labels following the brand identity and respect towards nature and their clients. The goal was to have better visibility in the aisles of boutiques, legibility and comprehension in all three languages (English, French and Dutch).

Whilst attempting to reduce overpackaging, we had limited surface area to work with for most products. Additionally we had to ensure we could fit all three languages and fulfill the labelling requirements of an organic cosmetic brand.

How we got the job:
Betty: I went to this cosmetics shop in Brussels that I always go to, in conversation, I brought up that I was a Graphic Designer and left my contact details. A month later I was contacted by Makesenz and asked for a quote.

Time Frame: Strategy and Design (8 days),
Application and Testing (10 days)
Materials: TBC
Fonts: Futura PT, Plantin
Country: Belgium

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