Hello, we are Plan B. This is Salon XVI.

Taking inspiration from the 18th Century Parisian Salons, the GMD Graduate Exhibition featured a digital wall that provided an infinite array of combinations of work plus walls full of ink and paper, and vitrines and shelves of beautiful things. Questions were asked such as What should a Graduate Design Exhibition look like and consist of? What is the best that visitors can expect to experience? Well, think of Salon XVI as the Impolite Society of the Spectacle!

Identity Concept:
Salon XVI’s identity aims to revel in a moment in space and time where the Upper Street Gallery at LCC becomes Château de Vesaille! Graphique Polyvalents! Hall of Mirrors! Being able to use the Lithograph, we used vibrant neon duo colours on the exhibition catalogue. The layout almost acted as a visual extension to the walls of and displays of SALON XVI.

Collaborators: Koen Slothhauber, Carlotta Gallo, Simren Degun
Time Frame: 30 days
Materials: A2 Lithograph print
Fonts: NB International
Exhibition: SALON XVI Show
Country: UK

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