Hello, we are Plan B. This is the RCA Sustainability Report

In 2020, as the world’s leading arts university, The Royal College of Art, placing number one in the QS World Universities rankings still doesn’t publish an annual sustainability report. We created the first-ever Sustainability report of the Royal College of Art, it presents the organisation's values and governance model and its commitment to a sustainable global economy. Our investigation into RCA’s sustainability procedures brings awareness and transparency to the university’s state of unforthcoming affairs.

In February 2020, a letter was sent to the vice-chancellor Paul Thompson’s office inviting him to the exhibition (Eco)logical sense where the report was to be exhibited for the first time, the invitation was subsequently declined.

Bronze Award Creative Conscience

Collaborators: Magda Tritto (Co-creator)
Andrea Popyordonova (Illustrator)
Time Frame: Research (30 days)
Design (7 days)
Materials: Hard-cover embossed
Perfect bound
110gsm Off-white and grey paper
Fonts: New Rail Alphabet
Country: UK

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