Hello, we are Plan B. This is What About Waste.

What About Waste is a non-profit based in Brussels. Its starting point was the plastic straw, or more specifically it’s elimination. The idea was to offer a stainless-steel alternative to restaurants in Brussels, thus bringing the conversations about plastic waste to the diner table. The idea behind the typeface was to recycle the un-recyclable objects that are the plastic straws by deriving a typeface from used ones. While most of the communication happened online on social media, for which we helped create an interesting and useful online presence. We also developed a series of communications tools to communicate on the topic such as a wooden napkin holder for the restaurants and a tote bag.

The idea was to waste as little as possible especially in the communication and this informed the design and presence of the 'brand'.

Time Frame: Strategy and Design (45 days),
Application and Testing (90 days)
Materials: Typeface, Branding, Motion design
Fonts: WAW, Roboto
Country: Belgium

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