Baki: Hello Welcome!
Betty: Yes welcome to the website of Plan B. Our graphic design studio
Baki: Should we tell them?
Betty: Well, I guess we have to. Do you want me to say it or do you prefer to say it?
Baki: I can start and you continue maybe. So firstly, we are sorry.
Betty: Yes, very.
Baki: We are currently still working on our website.
Betty: Very unfortunate timing indeed!
Baki: I don't really know what to add?
Betty: The only thing we can say is that the website will go live soon!
Baki: Yes, very soon!
Betty: Mhh... I guess in the mean time we can send you our portfolio if you are interested?
Baki: Our email is: Oh, and of course you can put your email down here if you wish to be kept up-to-date of when we will launch the site.
Betty: Yes please do not hesitate to contact us, we are always keen and excited to collaborate! Okay, so I guess this is good bye for now.
Baki: Yes, we'll see you soon!